soompi commotion

i've been having dilemma on what to study.
and i always wished that my checking out news from ss501 can cheer up my mind.

oh well. i was wrong today. i didnt check soompi yesterday
apparently some comment from some blardy media came and start trigger anger into triple S and causing soompi becoming a war site. in ss501 thread.

i didnt say anything in soompi today, cause apparently most of them already calm-ed down and not mentioning about it anymore.

well. ss501 just received the ambassador for Korean Airport. and dunno la some friggin smart ass media said this.

As you all know, I'm not the biggest SS501 fan, but this news is sickening. The news is describing Kim Hyun Joong as the main factor for all of SS501's success. Sure, KBS Boys Over Flowers and MBC We Got Married were popular, but have they forgotten the music show wins from Triple S' "U R Man"? credit to allkpop.

this statement i totally agree with allkpop. i mean, what is the media trying to say here?
as far as i know, its so totally unfair to all the rest of ss501.
i mean yes, its leader to brought the fame( or not) but they should'nt mention this as the main factor?.. oh well. media likes tabloids and chaotic stuffs. what to do.

and this trigger some of the members of triple S and cause a commotion in the soompi thread. thank you so much mr MEDIA who KNOWS IT ALL!


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