K-drama - coffee prince

Korean drama- Coffee Prince.
form my point of view: at first, when i heard the title it sound really tacky, its like.. why would i want to indulge myself to watch a few bunch of guys and a girl??

oh well, how wrong was I, apparently i was so wrong. its quite funny and amusing. Although sometimes it annoys me when they were trying their very best to make this drama a 'drama' so everything and every act they act were really dramatic, which i could've settled it within hours/ minutes.

okay,i don't make sense. well its a drama, accept it. and although there are no hot guys, but i really like how the girl acted in it. really funny and I was so amazed by her!

well, i'm on my 3rd day watching and now in episode 11. I'm crazy! yes! considering i have to work the next day. and only get to watch at night and got nagged by mum and scolded by bro cause i used his com to watch it. well.. its gonna end soon!


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