jogging once in a blue moon

i'm nearly faint when i went to SS501 thread at soompi.

picture loaded was overwhelming.

i cant help it to post something about them. hehehe! cause its like so many new things came to be. if its usual i wouldnt have posted it. sommore they are coming to Malaysia. I need to SAVE ALOT OF MONEY so during the concert i can purchase the merchandise as well. i want T-shirt it they have! hehehe.

oh. today i went to Taman Pudu Ulu to jog and excercise. my mum ajak-ed so went la! early in the morning before i go to work. Suddenly it rain-ed so went home an hour later. its okay. at least i got to sweat after a long time (After cheer) kesian betul!

went to work as usual. and apparently the firm was quite busy today considering that she have hearing tomorrow. and many pleadings and affidavit anddeed of assignment to finish and send to the government. but oh well. i'm not as busy as them. i practically just slacking around. cause she would'nt call me to do something. all i need to do is just read/type whatever stuff she asked. and

there's once where she called me to calculate the total amount of the charges. and THAT she can even call another staff to recount again. WTF! i mean, if u dun trust me, please la just let her do all the job la. well whatever la. dun care. as my bro say. people in this society is really mean. i get that. MICHELLE! i understand why the friggin lady being so mean! hahahahahahaha


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