okay, this is a post about me.


1st news for the day,.......MY SISTER KENA NS! and please be aware, to those that tak kena NS, 1 of your family member will surely kena. cause...... me and my bro tak kena and my sis now kena! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!~~~~

well, to be honest, i'll definitely miss her when she leaving. cause i will have no one to talk to when i'm pissed and no one to bully when i feel like bullying someone, and no one to scold when i have a faulty day. i'll miss the noise and shouts that she will make. oh well. but still. SHE KENA NS! hahahahahahaha!!!!~~

okay. enough with words. i miss my friends! LOL! AJ9a! mane u guys?? argh! i need someone to talk to. i'm about to rot and die. people! email me!!hahahaha

and about the pictures about the stuff we did on my birthday with ck, shannie and andrea.

to all: i'm going cheer. sunday.


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