dramatic high school

i was reading back my previous posts.. boy it was dramatic!

my high school was filled with drama's. and well not all are the fun and exciting ones.
i still cant believe that i attracted so many drama to myself during high school.
but i'm glad that it was all over. no more drama for me anymore. after reading back.
it was lemon + lime + asam feeling. not very nice.

people! when you guys are free.. call me okay! we can ber-keluar. after 5 p.m. ar.. weekdays. cause i'm working ma! LOL.

i got nothing to do online now. suppose to go to bed for work tomorrow. but refuse to.
thinking that i can fall asleep tomorrow in the office knowing that my boss will come late.
i'm such a bad employee. hehehe!


do you guys get this before? cause i always felt it.

when i was in high school, i get the feeling that teachers always forgets my name. she only know me by my face and not my name. or she don't even recognise me but she knows i'm a close friend of my friend which she remembers my friends name.

okay, this may sound like crap. but it always happens to me. even during college and now during work.

it made my think that my name is very insignificant.


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