decison making sucks!

i've been working for 3 weeks.. and i still dunno what should i study for my degree course.
and now there's human(s) kept telling me that its a waste of money to study Marketing cause we dun need to study Marketing. we use common sense for that!

and some told me that its nothing, everything u study in degree is useless when u find a job in the future. wtheck is wrong with this community. I mean, yes, many people have many diff opinions, but it shouldn't differ so much.

i've been planning to choose

Mass Communication. which my parents are strongly opposing now. (negative thoughts came to mind)

Business Marketing. which my father thinks its a waste of money and time cause marketing needs common sense instead of theory.

Mass Media. which i havent told them about yet. but i dunno whether it would be a good choice or not.

Logistics Managing. which my brother is darn tough to study cause its mostly on calculating which make me want to give up on this.

soo what?? DO WHAT?? i would rather sleep at home and rot! oh god!

oh, my mum was encouraging me to study economics and finance. cause she thinks that doing a Bank job is interesting. but i dun wan! its too boring for me. and i dun like to stay in the office. its too BORING!

i mean, for most people they would think its unreasonable to say that, but for me its not. environment is the key to a success career. i mean my whole life i've been manipulated by the government to study the stuff that THEY WANT US TO LEARN. at least for degree i should study a course that i like and decide what should i work as and where should i work. and in what environment should i work with. but.

LIFE is not as EASY. you will have to think about when you study this, will you manage to get a job in future, and will the job receive appropriate pay, and will that job be good enough for you to manage your social life and etc.

many people told me, " why study something that won't pay you much and work your ass off" or "for what u want to study something that malaysia dun develope in"

i think this is a very negative thought of the community. people should actually encourage these kinda stuff. i mean, if we dun "membangunkan" the field how it expands? someone WOULD HAVE TO DO THAT JOB rite?

1 think that kept me thinking is a choice between, studying what you like or studying what earns you. i kept on getting different feedbacks from different people. and most of them already past 40+ years old.

even 40+ people can't decide whether which they would rather study and in the end, there will always be a NO conclusion discussion.

my boss kept telling me to venture around. don't stay in a place. its good to venture many fields. but I NEED TO SETTLE ON SOMETHING FOR MY DEGREE??

questions that i've have to find the answer before time runs out.

and to all A- level folks. dun forget that you have your results out in 1 month time.


~BeCkY~ said…
So easy, since you don't know what ti study,I hereby offer the best solution for you:

Go find a rich husband then get marry. So simple!!

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