court trip tomorrow

i'm so lifeless.

i got so many things i want to buy. and money just don't come easy for me. T.T

saw some great offers at triplesmalaysia today.

i'm always wanted the photobook.HELLA
its expensive! RM178!!!
i want to cry already.

i feel like purchasing it, but if my mum finds out. i'll be so dead meat.
so i guess i'm gonna wait till i have enough money to buy it. ARGH! why cant my birthday come like NOW!! =P

tomorrow will be going to court. to take a look at the cross examination (if it still goes on) *i hope it does. if not it will be a waste of time to travel there!

I still am dunno whether do they sell ss501 latest album in Malaysia.
from what i know. my friend's sister purchased the collection. so i guess there's some large cd stores that sells it la. unlike some small music stores which only sells DBSK.. they dun even have Rain. what is wrong with them? LOL.



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