Cheer 09

last sunday was cheer 2009,

went with a bunch of college friends. yes! college friends! THEY HELPED TO SUPPORT SBU! shirtliff! hehehe! was a good day.

saw lots of classmates. was a fun day! shouted like nobody's business! HAHAHAHAA

video can be found online (youtube). i won't be uploading it here, cause i know there are a bunch of people who already watched it online.

Blitzers was the winner for this year, and Shirtliff was 1st runner up and calyx was 2nd runner's up.

I think Blitzers won it fair and square. it was a great performance by them. Shirtliff was just a little bit unsteady. oh well! it was still a nice crowd and nice event to go for.

work today was quite tiring, i practically slept twice in office, cause Boss is not around in the morning..

i dunno where my thumbdrive went. T.T (cries like mad!) i dunno where it went. T.T


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