as you all realised that i was MISSING for 2 days.

i start working already. in a firm. job was damn job is not my type. but oh well. Money comes first now. hehehehe.

anyway, i'm not planning on working in the law firm for the whole friggin half a year. anymore suggestions? i want to work somewhere else already. office is JUST NOT ME! the timing is fixed. the hours of work is fixed and my lunch hour is being KIDNAPPED! cause i got no where to go without my car! T.T help!!!!!

so whoever that willing to find me job and willing to teman me! *so i wont be that bored at the office or wherever i'm FREE!* well. for the next month la! cause i still need to finish up the 1 month here though. hehehehe..

and.. ps: michelle, u stil havent finish sharing file yet. i think we need to meet up and pass me the thumbdrive. LOL. hahahahaha


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