redang HERE I COME!

going to redang in less than 24 hours.

quite excited and worried at the same time.

i scared i got carried away by waves and became crazy or died somewhere

pre-VACATION syndrome.. scared of PLANE and damn ferry

anyway, 8 of my friends already sitting the bus.
and now 3 of us still at home and reaching the airport at 6.

so now, i left 4 hours of sleep!

okay! see u on thursday dun miss me!

*ANDREA! call me if you're bored at night! hahahahaha*

i'm gonna miss my SS501 for 2 days.. *cries* oh, i managed to watch all the ANIME that i LOVE before departure.. luckily we going on tuesday if not i'm gonna miss them as well.

ps: i've got a confession, remember i told whoever that i hated full metal alchemist?? I now am SO SORRY for sayin that i hated it cause I'm now i'm watching the Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood, and surprisingly its funny!

ps2: i miss this hair of mine.. NEED TO GET IT BACK SOON!


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