random and annoying freaks

i've got time to slack around here, because i'm sick mentally and physically.

my cough didnt get better, my flu worsen. I'm gonna cry.

i was all alone at home today. not very nice. well, stumbled on a few blogs that i check irregularly, which i kinda bailed on it because of DAMN A Levels.

i got to admit that i miss school. but at the same time i'm curious of the May/June intake 2009. paranoia strikes. damn!~

oh well, since they all having holiday now, and i still have ms christina's doggy clothes, I will pay a visit to tarc soon. SOON. MS CHRISTINA I MISS U ALREADY!

post to all 'malat' guy out there.

human, please la, what the heck is you guys punya problem? cannot get a life la?? i know i'm not in position to categorize people but I'm so sorry. this pack of people just pisses me off.
there's this damn car last week *yes damn long ago* *i ter-ingat**too lonely at home alone* when i was driving to school. then i parked at the back gate of school.. then. i was walking towards the gate and ***** this friggin car.. SUDDENLY decide to wind down * is this spelt like this??* and started shouting in mandarin and doing all sorts of annoying sounds. what the **** is your problem? cannot get a life isit? and plus, kalau nak kacau GO FIND LA MODEL TO KACAU! damn!


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