new layout

i decide to change my layout cause the old 1 load friggin slow. i decide to IGNORE PHOTOBUCKETalready.

oh well. i'm so bored. i'm so hot darn weather!

edit, to the neighbour!

i know it inappropriate to bitch about the neighbour in my blog, but WHO GIVES 2 SHIT about that! here goes.

i was playing the piano today, was REALLY HAPPY no one will disturb me while i'm playing cause parents left to Kedah already.

As i was playing half way! they neighbour suddenly only come out from his/her house and started shouting like mad. WTHECK! and you bet, he/she was shouting this.

he/she : SHADDAP! *towards GOD KNOWS WHO!*

i mean, okay, maybe its not intended to me, BUT i felt offended. WHAT WAS YOUR FRIGGIN PROBLEM! i'm not making sound pollution! damn! i was so PISSED! guess what


I TAPPED my piano even louder! *serves you right*

then, he/she PLAYS THE PIANO PULAK! what the asdjdfjdkfsjfsdjf type of human is that??? har? har?har? want to have WAR is it? BRING IT ON!

end edit- okay, i'm done.


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