econs and accounting

the day before today (yesterday) was shitty!

i fell damn friggin sick where my nose start to drip like mad! my throat decide to STOP FUNCTIONING!

well, no comments about papers. was dissapointed in my Math 7 considering damn friggin silly mistake that apply the correct thing and explain another. hope i get marks for the correct application though. *pray to KAMI-sama* (NOT YOU KINLIM!)

Accounting 3 was yesterday. stupid DEBENTURE REDEMPTION all sorts of stuff! but, oh least i know i got 5 questions correct.. past year! =) ps: to kinlim and michl- 5 quest of past year is ALOT okay! hahahahahahahahaha...

today, IS economics 2.. my AS subjects. i didnt read that much. cause i was SICK to hell! i hate getting flu! i hate getting my voice so darn sexy. okay, enough i hate exams. thats all.
it was okay for me, i guess i know how to answer. i hope i get marks for all that. *prays to KAMI-sama again* (NOT YOU KINLIM)


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