car accident

i think i should be include into the category of jooying-is-good-at-making-car-accident

damn! my car got another scratch from a scratch. *okay, i don't make sense*

its all the driver's fault* partly me*

1st, those human that drive around KL please la! be more car-educated. wtfuck is you guys punya problem? cannot wait and then stop is it?? MUST SELIT in between la!

okay, fine! u say i scratch your car, TAK PAYAH LA come and ber-cocky with me! WTFUCK!.

so, the scratch that is initially on my car now BERTAMBAH already. cause the damn wira la. FUCK SHIT YOU!

i'm good at making my tyre puncture and scratching my car. thank you.

and post about redang is not here yet, cause michelle HILANG already.


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