korean- wave strike

i was slacking today. i only manage to finish 30% of what i initially wanted to do. cause.

1. my brother is not at home, means i can monopolize his pc.
2. my sis aint home. means i can slack even more. she's not here to disturb the bloody connection.
3. the weather was darn hot. cant possibly concentrate in those situation.


oh, its undeniable because of BOF that i was having this sort of Korean-wave myself. and MY sister is doing a great help, cause she's a KOREAN-wave freak herself. and showed me to various Korean websites.

and i realise this.

Korean, now have this trend of songs where they kept repeating the words they sing. for example.

Super Junior.Sorry Sorry

2pm Again and Again.

2ne1, Fire.

take a look at those video and i think you will know what i'm talking about.

korean producers are trying to play safe?

ps: to all korean-wave fan/member please do not bash up my blog. i'm just suggesting me own opinion.

OMG! bleach this week! SO COOL!!! *okay, this is random*


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