crazy edit

oh edit post.

to my 2 special human who recently magically disappeared into thin air. please kindly sms me ker or call me ker or whatever.

oh, if u don't know who you are.

1 of them are currently studying stpm. and ignored her blog and ignored to online and ignored the most amazing friend here waiting for her update and missing her like crazy and always bersama boyfriend and ignores the friend here. U!!! know who you are!!!

another 1 of them ALWAYS bersama boyfriend and ignores me. although sometimes updates her blog and somehow let me know what she did. and AT least, this i know she got the same exam as me coming. hahahaha!~ okay, don't ignore me again. CAN WE GO OUT soon?? right after my exam??

3rd. there's 1 here very kind enough to always call me when he got any plans. and I'm so sorry if i always ffk you ar. hahaha considering we have different course coming. don't worry i'll be very free VERY SOON! hahahahaha.

ps: jooying just misses her favourite people. =)


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