the story of depressed day

go see Andrea's blog. that is part of what happened to me today.

okay, today was a worst day that yesterday.
i don't understand how to relax myself.
even my math lecturer also found out that i was really nervous during trials.
and he said this.

mr clyne: jooying, don't be nervous during exam. i know you know how to solve the question

joo: sir, i dunno. i used 30 minutes on question 1 and i went blank later. T.T *on the verge on crying already during math 7*

mr clyne: next time before u go for test, PRAY!

yes, sir is really random and not forgetting making me laugh and the rest was Avec's fault.

ps: Avec, i call myself an empty shell without a brain doesnt mean i'm HOLLOW and u can poke me just because I became fragile. *LOL*

oh. some chaotic happened today on the phone for 1 hour. i crowned myself THE QUEEN OF SPEAKING BETWEEN LINES~!


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