quite annoyed

okay, i wont want to mention tne person's name.
but it really annoys me.

i mean, please just tell me honestly that u want to enjoy your trip with them. don't need to create so many lies just to cover up another lie.

and the reason i organise the trip is because we want to ENJOY. and please! i would like it to be a CLASS trip. if you think that its more enjoyable to enjoy it with another class, you can just tell that to me.

and thank god that the trip does not clash with the other group you are going rite?
it would be damn awkward if i see you there. don't you know?

honestly, its so think skinned of you. cause you would rather enjoy your LAST of A-levels with a group with is NOT with you all the time and APATAH lagi, most of them are from a different class. you may call me annoying and busybody. but don't worry. I WILL CONFRONT YOU ON MONDAY. I'M NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON THAT CAN TOLERATE PEOPLE TELLING ME SUCH A FUNNY LIE AND TRIES TO GET AWAY WITH IT.cause i'm currently damn annoying by your act. PLEASE! don't make yourself fangirling over such pathetic HUMANS! they ARE NOT IDOLS AND THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU FOR THAT. considering the fact that their attitude annoys people.

thats all i'm gonna say. shut up and drive.


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