my obsession for 2009.

finally mastered Stand By Me by Shinee and Because I'm stupid by SS501.

oh, my kyu jong, how are you lately??

sorry i neglected you for about 2 week. cause my damn pathetic trials la!

i managed to catch up with all my missed anime today. totally happy!
watched about 6 animes in 1 shot! hahaha *resulting in a ^^ joo*

oh, underdogs are always my favourite.
hehehe!~ something very geram happen today also.
but oh well let bygones be bygones.

oh, some of the anime ENDED already. so now i'm watching Saki and one more new anime.
not bad! ^^ joo is lifeless without anime!!!~

I FOUND KIM KI BUM aka KIM HYUNG JOON's younger brother very attractive and
he's same age as me! omg!!! hahahahahaha.

he's in a singing group called U- Kiss. *i know their group name sound weird*

to make things clear.. i'm not really fangirling on him.yet. but i find this picture of him very attacting. the lighting and position posed very NICE! hahahaha.

oh, want me to show u the older brother?

Kim Hyung Joon from SS501.

have very similar name with the leader of SS501, Kim Hyun Joong. only the 'g' is different in position. if u dunno who i'm talking about go look out at BOF korean. Ji Hoo*the leader of SS501*

a better picture of Hyung Joon on far left. and of course Kim Kyu Jong on the right! hahahaha

damn cute! *dies from fan girling*

oh btw. Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon are from SS501.
so, can be conclude that my sister's influence is working. I'm so fan girling on SS501.


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