the monday that marked the worst lrt and the best class

today was a 50/50 day

seriously!i had a bad morning before i went to school. something happened la.
but, how fortunately i have a bunch of funny and adorable friends which never fails to made me laugh my lungs out. thanks guys, u guys just cleared all the unhappiness i had this morning.

we took many many pictures in school today cause it was OUR LAST MONDAY.

later, after math A, we had a disaster moment were we had to take the train home. and its RAINING. and andrea didnt have an umbrella! so kinlim so kindly drove us to the station and THAT MEANS we had to share 1 umbrella with 3 humans..T.T
cause we have to go all the way to kinlim's car!

and, my umbrella punya THING that HOLD the umbrealla terkeluar! T.T my fav umbrella.

oh, read my sister's blog regarding we shouldn't be so stress up.

since my sis put rain(bi) to release her stress.. i shall put this 2.

Kim Kyu Jong from SS501

aka the center

the most innocent member

the plg well mannered member

*almost dies from fan girling*

and some pictures to annoy michelle.


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