monday craziness spread

in the morning. just when i reached the school.

couldnt find andrea anywhere.(note: she was in the CITC). I went into CITC and couldnt find her. thus sms-ing and she tells me the next thing that she was in CITC. damn bangang! walk in and out the computer lab like crazy.

during lunch, (i think food in canteen contain caffeine)

we tapao-ed from the canteen and decided to eat in class cause the canteen was overly-banyak-humans. on our way back to the class, CK stumbled on some box which was situated peacefully at a bench.

CK : i noticed this thing was here since just now. i think its a box of lipsticks.

whoever*i forgotten*wasnt really listening : what is it?? take and see la!

CK : i think its a whole box of lipsticks la!

Jooying: aiya, just take it la, if u guys want to look at it. take jer la!

*note: i think they noticed already the brand.*(not disclosing what brand isit later the owner come and kill us or report to police ker)*

by the way, finders keepers okay? don't catch us ar!! hahahaha. yah, we took it and it was chaotic when we took it.

after we reached class.

yesterday, my sister told me about a japanese voice actress came to Malaysia and kinda created a damn choatic scene la.

apparently she was staying in MANDARIN ORIENTAL. i pronounced it wrongly by saying. MENTAL ORIENTAL. and the funny thing is. it was after about 2-3 seconds, they asked me again for confirmation whether that voice actress is MENTAL OR NOT.

*note: she's not mental! she stays in mandarin oriental i pronounced the hotel name wrongly. thats it don kill me for this*

during GP,

something that *forgotten who* said that triggered CK

Ck: not me, i'm fully equiped

left ms christina and the class laughed about 2-3 seconds. then Ms Christina stopped the class and told us about a story on how the Korean student of her's said something about being a guy have the advantage, because he have weapon (use imagination).

this this links to what CK said, by being FULLY EQUIP! (macam mafia wars)
weapon+ fully equip = LAUGHING NON STOP!


i told my classmates about GP. they laughed and joanne had to do this.

joanne : are you fully equip?

me: No, i'm not.

joanne: her? so you're infertile la!

me: no!, its because i don't have weapon! (cannot attack)

joanne: then, you can have DEFENCE!

*wtheck! so random! SIAO ar?? u crazy ar???*

this particular joke even merebak to so many other things such as.

when the attack and the defence is on the same POWER stage. then it will create a bom.*is it? or spark?*whichever, use imagination here.*

then, when guys are fully equip. then girls are fully defence. *wtDUCK*

andrea had to add this. BUDDEN THE WEAPON they have is FRAGILE wan la! so girl also can ATTACK la! hahahahahahahaha

i told you, my classmates are crazy human!


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