jooyng being so paranoid to the point of no return

andrea: i found your blog. be proud! haha

oh,was practically batching our way all along some ducking adaot! *another new word* figure that out.

stupid! whats the difference when u study in advance and forgets and study the day after?
no it don;t make any difference. i had the friggin same marks. i thought i would score hight for the paper that i studied the say before thinking that i can remember more. but no. studying in advance and the day after dont make any difference. damn!

fear college sending results to my parents? yes 1 of it. 2nd the fear of not finding my way out before my A Levels actually arrive. cause i already plan to wait for my results to come out then only proceed to degree. i got myself a job already pending. so that time i would slowly think WHATHEHECK i want to study. cause i'm so confused and my only aim is to become RICH.nothing else. yes, very simple yet hard to achieve.

remember all adults always call us to dream big? think it actually works? have you heard of this phrase? hei mong yuet dai sat mon yuet dai? i'm afraid of that. and i dont want that to happen to me. yes OMG, my paranoia AURA keluar-ing la! how?

ps: DAD get me a car please. i need it! and i want it. considering how selfish i am, yes. i'm that selfish. OMG. thinking of requesting now i think of my papers pulak! HELP la! macam mane aku takut la! OMG.


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