my math lectures were really funny today. extra!

pure math lecturer aka ("my dad")

he was teaching us a new methods for algebra math.
i was really amazed by it. IN FACT i think my whole class was amazed as well

mr chong: so you just put +, -, + ,- like that.. and blah blah..

jooying: OOOO MAIII GOD! *really amazing look on me*

mr chong: GOD also DUNNO! * with tulan face*

what the HECK! sommore with all singletone! yah allah! it end up with laughing non-stop classmates.

another.. Applied Mathes lecturer.

michelle was asking my clyne how the percentage of applied math is supposed to be counted. and how's the weightage and all... this is what he replied

michelle: sir sir, how to calculate the marks for applied math?

mr clyne: *no answer* *kept quiet*

michelle: SIR SIR!!! how to calculate the percentage? is over what?

mr clyne: USE THE CALCULATOR *so randomly*

see.. i told you my math lecturer are amazing.

oh.. and we did this prediction.. mr chong have more difficulties choosing what to eat than solving mathematics questions.


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