a convo with sis yesterday. marked the most crazy talk of the year.

joo: wooi! i kap lieu ar! how? and its only 11p.m.

ee: *look at me with a very annoying look* *looks aways* *ignores me totally*

joo: how??how?? i want to go toilet already.

ee: just now u dun want to pee, now u want to pee. marfan betul. go pee on the TONG! *my room's aircond was leakin so we put a tong there to menakung the air*

joo: HAR????? *looks back to the computer* *tahan*....

30 minutes later


ee: wear pad la! aiyo, pee inside there!

joo: CANNOT! CANNOT menakung so much la!!!

ee: *ignores me again*

45 minutes later

joo: i want to go toilet already. *walks to the door* *looks towards sister direction**anticipating reaction from her* *looks at her intensively*


joo: ARGH! I SCARED AR!!!!!! DAMN!! T.T

ee: *ignores totally**like as if she hears nothing*

1 hour 15 minutes later

joo: *takes out the pad. thinking she should just pee in there.* *OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT*

ee: *finally got response already* AIYA! come la.. shhh.. dun talk to loud, you will scare grandma away.

joo & ee: walks fast enters the toilet.

FINALLY! i managed to pee!! after 1 hour++...suffering sial!


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