the 7th day

i felt so fuck-ed up right now. ignore my foul words I'm very very pissed at myself.

end edit---------

oh, skipped school today.
cause yesterday all my aunty came to my house for grandmama's 7th day something.

and the next morning was chaotic already.
all of them were telling many different stories that they saw my grandmama.
oh well, it was actually quite real cause 1 of my aunty can sense those stuff. so i trust it.

the night before, i didn't sleep much, cause i was too scared.
anyway, before 10.30p.m we were suppose to go upstairs and sleep. *its a thing something to welcome my grandmama for coming back and stuffs.*
i didn't sleep, cause it was too early and my sis had exams the next day. so we stayed up.
around 11p.m. I KAP LIEU already. DAMN! at a time like that. super disaster! very!~
i tahan until 12.45a.m. until i tak tahan already. *initially i'm not suppose to leave the room until next morning.*
during that time i got my sis to accompany me to the toilet.*thank god its right next to my room.*
we practically ran into the toilet and start telling me grandma out loud saying that i tak tahan I KAP LIEU! and i want to PEE PEE already. *thank god nothing happened*

but. according to my aunty. grandmama went into my parents room *cause all my aunt sleep in my parents room* and she sat there to look at them for quite some time.
it was quite scary.
and we offered her favourite food on the table. and the next morning, there were signs that we touched it.*according to aunty*

it was a great experience, althought i don't wish to have that kind of experience anymore. but for once, it let me know that there are spirits in this world. and although we cant totally trust it, but it would be more soothing when we know that she's not suffering anymore.

ps: grandmama, may you rest in peace. i love you.


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