chinese new year 2009

School officially started today.
Basically, it was not very happening to me, cause i was so sleepy the first 3 hours. my classes starts from 9 till 1p.m. you do the math.

Chinese New Year DAY #1

sis and me!
ignore my sad camera!

rebecca and I :D

typically chinese new year visit to the tokong.

no pictures for day 2 till day 7 cause i was too busy and my camera is
not in proper function mode.

Chinese New year DAY #8
12 of us, includes Andrea, Michelle, Kin Lim, Joanne, Kah Yin, Poh Yi, Yan Jia,
Jean,Winson, Kian Seong, Xin Yi and ME!
went on a marathon visit to most of our houses!
it was a good day! i think all of us had fun!=)

Sempat ambil picture in the morning!

i was crowned The Queen of Camwhoreland by andrea that day!
that shows how free was I in the car!

Outside Jo Yee's House! *from the left Winson. Jean, Kah Yin, Poh Yi, Joanne!

Judi again! in Xin Yi's house!
from the left, Jean, Poh Yi, Yan Jia, Kin Lim, Michelle, ME, Xin Yi

Andrea House! very baik! all chit chat!
this is basically, the complete.. everyone in the picture!
from the left, Xin Yi, Kah Yin, Andrea, Michelle,Me,
Kian Seong, Kin Lim, Winson, Jean, Yan Jia, Joanne, Poh Yi.

my house, and my table became the benda sacrifice for JUDI!

Kian Seong house! JUDI SOMMORE!

spot the difference!

hahahaha!~ this is really funny!~ dun kill me the both of u!~
i was ordered!

siap dengan stalker picture taken by paparazzi A and paparazzi J!


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