20th jan

i wasnt in a good mood a few days ago, but there's something happy that i need to blog about on the 20th of January 2009

Kin Lim- declaring himself as the pegasus and unicorn when

joo: kin lim, you're a horse! bang!, I kill U *points the hand shaped gun towards kinlim's head*
kinlim: i'm not a horse, I'm a unicorn. to be exact i'm a pegasus!

Kin Lim- Told us about the story where his friends used to call him and his classmates to BOW TO HIM.


during recess,

the couple ice cream session.
orange ice-cream- Michelle and Kin Lim

Avec: Should buy 1 la, then the both of them can share*concerning Michelle and Kinlim.*
Andrea: ya hor!
Avec: Maybe both of them too shy to share thats why buy 2. hahahaha

Apple sours- Jooying and Andrea
Crunch- Poh Yi and Yan Jia
Justea- Joanne, Winson and Koon Yik

Avec: Wah! this 1 is worst, 1 girl with 2 guys!
Joo: OOI, LOUKONG*joanne* don't go berfoya foya. dah la got gundik already.

Aggressive Euthanesia- General Paper class - by means

Kin Lim wanted to kill Andrea by aggressive euthanesia!

next! was Accounting class

Mr Yeoh*accounting lecturer* took michlay's phone and tried to understand what Andrea was trying to do with it.Then, showed Mentos with a "Hey, look! I got Mentos, you got of not??" look.

Other than that, Mr Clyne - Math Lecturer

The class was out of electricity *TarC was too poor to pay electricity bill.*
and mr clyne innocently trying to on the projector without electricity.

Avec: Sir, no electricity
Mr Clyne: *showed his "Oh!ya!" face with huge eyeball stick out and super surprise look*

and me and andrea went crazy....

When I see a pig on the road, I sing and I grab the pig.
My head is freezing cold and I saw Mr Clyne's belly.
the coloured words was Jooying's and the black was Andrea's trying sync it with

I see trees are green, red roses too..
I watched them bloom for me and you..
and i said to myself, what a wonderful world


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