nothing here explains things that i don't get it.
getting this just aint gonna cheer me up.
maybe i should stick to going underground and start doing all sorts of pathetic stuff that even myself thought it was irrelevant for me.

this proved that i'm just the same as what people think about me.
or even worst.
maybe some would secretly laughing their lungs out.
maybe some thought it was their chance or even putting up curse to drown me from hitting to the surface.
yes, i can feel the heavy rock on my shoulder now.
its hurting me badly
i'm bleeding internally.
it was hard. really hard that the pain i felt is numb.

I don't really know whats the purpose of me being here anymore.
it sometimes made me stunned that how a person I am today even went through so many hard work but in the end.
it was all back to square one.


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