ever since

okay, i'm still alive and not dead.
the emo session worned out today.
I know, it was ridiculous to even think of commit suiciding for .......*too shamefull to even post it*
ya. it was a terrible failure to me, as it really gave me a strong and hard impact.
challenge maybe.
the world is vast baby!!~

yup! watashi-wa geng-ki des~

conan 59 keluar ady!! according to miow!
ITS A MUST TO GET IT... akai's got shot! OMGOMG..
who found it in any comic store MUST call me!!

ohya, yesterday was meimei's birthday.
I got carried away yesterday.
tada, watashi zen zen hegi!~dai jio bu~

anime until episode 47.
quite weird lo!
the ending didn't really end nicely.
although the storyline wasn't bad.


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