I'm feeling very tulan now..
Everyone seems to be on PMS...
Including my dad.
what the ****..
If you don't want to go shop then just stay at home la.
Whats the big deal.
Must follow isit?
When we shop about 2 hours u start to show faces....
Wherever we want to go just leave it to us la! why must u complain so much if you are the one that insist wanted to follow??

Although she's not one of us
There is no reason for you to treat her like that!
Its racist!
Just imagine if that person is you.
What would you think?
Letting her eat the leftovers?
You won't want to eat it right?
--------end of edit-------

This year cny is really not a great wan
It would be my worst!
After all the people showing off their PMS mode!!


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