times square

Went times square for movie with cousin sis..
I took cab myself .. after longgggg 16 years...
I've never been into a cab alone... due to cab-phobia..
I'm afraid of those indian cab driver might come and rape/rob/kill me like hat happened in the newspaper..
(sorry ar, a bit racist here and there)

Went to sungei wang
picked up my cousin sis from work..
reloaded my phone
met up with her friends.....
her friends were actually trying to introduce 2 guys to my cousin sis..
according to "her" friend, that guy was longing to meet her.
We went over to starbucks to meet up with them

They were sitting outside
*thinking to myself* aren't they hot? *looked around and buat muke -.- to my rebecca*
rebecca: I also dunno

We eventually realised that he actually smoke...(that guy)
Super ber-tulan
When people say first impression is important...
Rebecca's friend were there earlier, she covered her nose with a tissue already..
Still!!! he tak- paham...
SLOW people..

Then, we ate at kenny's
Real great food!
Catched a movie,
cast y charmaine sheh and hacken lee
super hillarious!!!

okay, need to pergi bed already..


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