7 30
we went to petrosains for some career day on geology..
We eat like cows!!~
Firstly they offered us nasi lemak for breakfast.
Then, there's refreshment... after 1 hour. got morning refreshments wan ar?
During lunch we got KFC.... with 2 mashed potato... wah!!~~~
GET what i mean??we makan macam cow.. tak stop....

The talk were superly bored.
Almost all the SBU-ian were hiding thier phone with their notebook to mp3/bluetooth/games.
except me
because-leh i'm not that blardy rich to get a bluetooth or mp3 or multi functional phone.
I didn't listen la.
I was pen-conteng-ing my notebook. (the paper type)

The activities were fun and hillarious.
The kesan of tidak-mendengar-ceramah is... we lost the q&a session..

We lawated the petroscience like rombongan sampat people keluar dari jungle/kandang
everyone shouteed around like MY MUM"S NOT HOME~~~
It was fun~
Mei Mei and I sat the slide with the sack bag.
I ter-cutted my was okay la..

Reached the school..
I got bruises already kat my ass.... due to high jump.
Blardy HELL!!
it was super embarrassing. must tutup muka already..


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