After tuition,
Ch and I walked to jusco
Despite the weather =.=''
We shopped for pressie....
Walked around like mad people
People looking at us like we some kond of maniac people..
Smile smile smile!!

We end up at KFC for break after all the walking around
Waited for mum...
After all the rush, we had to wait for our parents.

Reached home
Passed out on my bed for an hour of nap
Dad woke me up for dinner, Although i wasnt really hungry
We went to Jusco again!
What a coincidence.
I was wearing the exact same cloth when I went there
We went in to the Levi's shop..
The promoter there like look at me with 1 super weird face.

Mum bought me undergarment
After so long.. due to her busy-ness


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