today was the last day of exam.I was super happy cause after 3 weeks of misery! According to our time table, 2day was biology.damn! i did alot alot of stupid mistakes! argh! damn sad CAN DIE!

it was 12.54 p.m. . Everyone was waiting for the teacher to call us to hand in the papers.

teacher: ok! orang depan kutip kertas
EVERYONE was damn happy Shanaz burst the plastic bag. WOHOHOHOHOH.. i was happy cause its


ch and me went to hy's house to bath. we planned to reach bandar tasik selatan around 2.15 p.m. but our puntuality was BAD!! we reached LRT bandar tasik selatan at 2.43 p.m.
BUT alex and tk was worst than us! they reached the lrt station around 2.50p.m. (gurl la u guys)

we waited for the KTM. SO SLOW CAN DIE!!! 3.05p.m. the KTM reached the station. SLOW LIKE SHYT!!! so ending up we reached megamall 3.25 p.m. Julian waited for us about2 hours at megamall. (ksn him)

we bought tickets for OVER THE HEDGE! the show was a BOMB! it was damn funny but onli me ch and hy laugh around the cinema. *felt sam-pated* but the show was nice. i like it!

then me got seperated by THE GUYS and 1 GURL went to arcade! so me ch and hy went SHOPPING. We went for shoe shop. Hy was looking around for high heels, while me and ch choose for her. We went to escarli, found 1 high heels! damn chunted! theres 3 colours. white, brown and black. The black wan wasnt that attracting but the brown and white was DAMN CHUNTED CAN DIE .XP!! hy tried for a few times asking for opinions.

ch: i like the white wan
jy: i like the brown wan
hy: means i have to choose for myself la. I NEED A 3rd point of VIEW!
ch: u wait for yur mum to come la
jy: yalo
ch: she is yur 3rd point of view

called the salesgirl. informing her to keep the shoes for her mother to arrive

salesgirl: ok, but i think the brown shoe suits u more
jy: see i told u!!

then we went to romp! saw 1 skirt! was super nice and attractive. SOON JY!! its going to be yours! Ch tried out the khakis it was hillarious!the khakis loos super big for her. Hy tried out the jeans, it looked ok because the jeans she wore make her leg look thinner but she ALREADY got a pair of jeans something like that! PLUS, it look tight!! (she bought it anyway!)(i feel no pain)

went back by TK's father and waited for mum to arrive at Alex's house!


tired! but i still dont want to sleep. ><

..:: we should shop more::..


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