next week exams!

english today was not bad, but summary was hard~!! i hope i dun make stupid mistake anymore!

nevermind! human should learn from their mistakes! ^^


pratically today was ok. everything goes well except 1 tiny little thing but i dont think i wanna talk about it. maybe its something but concludes nothing. argh! wut am i trying to say? no idea.


i just realise something today. i did my essay without any doubt acting like 1 innocent and good gurl BUT i'm not so goodie goodie. i wrote that we should treasure time and don't waste time. IT was all LIES! i online everyday, wasting time everyday. So this is wut we call our true self.
maybe this cause 2 personalities. -.-


can anyone tell me wut to prepare for bbq party?? tell me!! i need MENU!
TK.. CH..HY..MM..ALEX..JUL..WX...HL..JOE..YB..RU JIN..and many more.. can tell me wut u guys wanna eat ar??hahah.. i am definately not a good host!


broken into pieces.confused.avoiding.attracted.let go.stop thinking.not worth it. =p



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