what the hell is up with u??
what i did i to u??
wut makes u say that i hated u 1st??
is there anything that bothers u when i say i hate u??
why u care so much??
it proves that u admit la that u hate me rite??
wuteva la!

friday is kinda boring cause the teachers werent teahing much! except for chemistry, it was boring but the teacher was good! i wasnt joking, she can really teach and she explains well.

after school, went for piano class. teacher asked me why i didnt show up last week. (i forget to call her for cancel class)(sorry teacher). played pieces, teacher sed i improved!! ^^ but my scales were darn bad! i forgotten all da melodic part!(got scolded)*sobsob.... teacher wanted to gif me xtra classes.. saturday was the day she chose.. had to go next saturday.. nvm la.. for the sake of xamination. *father, pls dun make me go for examination on june!!* when baq home, staright away take nap!!*ZzzZzZzz* 6.00p.m. woke up and watched tv...thats the only thing i do on friday. besides online la!!

friday was kinda boring! i slept darn late.( watch tv) guess wut i watch!! u guys will be surprise!!
there is a song for that 2...
i love u,
u love me,
we are happy family,
with a great big hug,
and a kiss from me to u,
once u say u love me 2.

saturday, woke up 8 something cause some pathetic human woke me up! kacau me sommore.* so bad!* watched tv, ate breakfast, help mum on laundry, pack stuff, and online!!!

2 something, prepare for tuition, was kinda lazy though. 2.45p.m. dad still havent reach home, paniced and called ch told her to tell da teacher that i might be a bit late. 3.00p.m. dad reached home. hurry!!! reach there pay da fees(sorry teacher for delaying the last month payment) enter the class, (phew) teacher was explaining about the time table changes. i was kinda blur that time. Thanks to my fav friend, xplained to me, *i understad at last) it was darn scary cause we having exam on monday!! i dunno anything about straight lines!! (help)

went home, took nap, watch tv, online, do some reading, online and chat for a darn long.. haha.. till it was 0000. slipzzz...( i love to chat. i havent chat for this long b4 liau. it was since......)(i love to slip. i havent had this slip for ages)(i hate stuff!!! o hate things to do!! i hate work)(nothing else that i love other than online chat and sms!!)(procastinating like shit!)

...::: stop day dreaming dear:::...


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