>.< exams made me SOT@.@

i screwed my chemistry and sejarah paper. BM paper was quite hard but at least i manage to answer some of the questions. Although when my brain got stuck while i was doing my peribahasa part, practically it was the stupid mistake to day dream that time.

i totally forgot about nasi sudah menjadi bubur. i was trying hard to crake my brain through the exam until i wrote down buruk siku, which dont even haf the connection at all!! stupid me! i cant wait till it is after exam..SHIT la!

i heard the news that they are going to cancel the UBS gathering. According to TK, Devis said to cancel the gathering. All the hardwork we put on the gathering practically just gone liddat.The banners May Chong made, the souvenier i've done, the invitation card, the food we preparing, the games we prepared is now GONE! according to her, she said that the timing, the preparation and stuff is wrong. haihz..

2day we had our Maths examination. It was Ok!! finally i got 1 sub that i think i can score although i done many stupid mistakes but i think it wont be as bad as chemistry and sejarah. All of us were quite relax 2day cause all we did during the free period b4 exam was chit chatting and laughing. wakakka.. i love gangs like that! make me laugh. Besides that, we discussed about maths objective paper, argue and conclusion 1 of us won. It was super darn funny and nice. hahaha...

2morrow is going to be english exam. Most of then in my class can practically score english. Hy even plan to sleep 2day. MM stayed baq 2day. it seem that they are really relaxed. therefore u guys see me post. hope everything goes well 2morrow.

yeah! school holiday coming liau. Birthday arriving. I going to haf bbq party!! so people!! must come ar!! i stil havent decide wut to eat yet.. y dont u guys tell me wut u guys wanna 'bakar'? TELL ME YA!!



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