exam stress

i never had this much pressure in me b4.It starts with exams. We had our semester exam starting from this week,
wednesday was pendidikan moral. I dunno how to do the last question about the SUHARKAM!!! i was really mad at myself cause i read it before. argh!
thursday was english for science and technology, the information transfer was darn bad, the essay was short, mei mei did 3 pages to be exact while i only done 1 1/2 page! it was half of hers! lost hope

then, it was this stuff coming out my head, do u like me?? do u love me?? 'do u' this and 'do u' that!!its annoying ok! then when i answer, u reply ' i really dunno u'. that was nothing cause i knew that u would say that.

y cant 'u' be more open minded!*wasnt trying to stress anything out!*(just a thought in mind). y cant guys nowadays be more positive?? its not like the end of the world rite?? and tk! most guys are more sensitive! u cant deny that!

having a nice day. no.
having stress. yes.
stuff to do. yes.
stuff to worry. yes.
bad things happen all the time. yes.

..:: brain gone wrong::..


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