holidays had onli started for 2 days and i am already bored to death! woke up 10 something morning, get ready for some buffet lunch. Attending some grand opening ceremony, saw the MCA fellow( he look older than his age) with daddy and some old fellows. After the buffet,mum decide to go JJ. Walked around, alot people were there. We went to the ladies garment. Choose choose choose pick pick pick buy buy buy. Mum bought me a skirt, was kinda happie. And by the way, i SAW 1 cute cute nice sling bag at padini. DAMN chunted! it cost about 69. no discount. new arrival. DAMN! have to wait. Then, i saw 1 nice jacket. Mum wont wanna buy it. She sed it too expensive, cause it cost about 169. sob*sob*

holiday wishes

1. a new pair of jeans
2. a new pair of spectacles
3. new shirts
4. a new night dress
5. new accesories
6. new monitor
7. new bag
9. junk foods
10. i wan new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..::shop can die::..


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