cat and dogs day!

today is doggie and catty day!! me and ch woke up 8.30 a.m. in the morning to get ready to SPCA.(actually ch's hp rang around 8.00a.m. she din hear the bell ring until i wake her up). 9.00a.m. off we go to SPCA. Ch's dad sent us to SPCA straight because they are having breakfast at Ampang Yong Tau Fu. Me and Ch got pau for our breakfast. Ch was not feeling well actually *(she got fever , cough, and flu)(thanks uncle for the pau). We reached SPCA around 9.30a.m. None of them reached. Once we reach only theres a lady called us to help her with the newspaper ( wth wah!! so fast got work to do liau). Ch called hy

ch: hy where are u?
hy: i still at lrt
ch: u reached cempaka?
hy: no, going now
ch: ok. quick ok? we got work to do liau

me and ch went into the office to confirm our arrival, but we din knoe that we need to have appointment. So me and ch went to 7e cause i no more credit liau. Ch bought mineral water where else i bought sweets and water. Walk back to SPCA, waited a while, HY and da gang reached.

We went into the office. The lady asked us whether we got make appointment of not. Alex talked to the lady

alex: erm.. no
lady: u haf to make appointment
alex:.... erm.. cant we start like now
lady: next time u make appointment cause we got another school team here
hy: can we make apointment now?
lady: 12.00p.m.
hy: okla.. we wait outside

so we waited outside till 12.00. we chit chat to waste time

hy: wut time isit now?
jy: 11.05a.m.
hy: wah we haf to wait so long
david: i told u guys haf to make appointment wan la
alex: we go out there wait la
ch: i feel sick(put cool fever on her forehead)
hy: u look ridiculus
ch: i cant help it. i am very sick
jy: u wan sweet??
mm: i wan
alex: wx leh?
hy: call him la

wei Xiang muncul!!!

wx: wut u guys doing out here?
alex: we haf to wait until 12.00.a.m
wx: y?
alex: we din make appointment
wx: .........

while we continue chit chat.. after 15 minutes, the lady called us to help on the feeding. we went in and the 1st thing we saw was cute cute little puppy. (OMG super kawaii!!!) then reached the average size doggie. (mm got scared and scare me 2)(got scolded)(sorry lady). hy, alex, wx and david clean the cage while ch and mm and me stand outside take pictures!!

then we help on dog food. We were suppose to carry boxes. That was fun cause the freezer so cold!! we took more pictures! then its time to feed the doggie. I dare to feed to doggie!! was so proud of myself!

after SPCA....

we went to klcc. ch,mm, hy, me went to the 2 ringgit toilet. It was
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G we didnt wanna leave till the lady at the toilet look at us 1 kind ( wut is yur prob stupid lady, we pay for it ok?) everything in the toilet is complete. they haf body lotion, perfume, leave on conditioner, powder, moisturizer, and even moisture spray.(OMG!!!) we almost tried all of te stuff there (ps: bodyshop wan wei!!)It was super darn fun! i love the leave on.. i love the smell. ohya did i mentioin that hy sprayed my neck and ter-spray my mouth?? (ewww)(stupiak hy)

we watch movie (she's the man) laughed till i got stomach ache!! super darn funny. i am going to to buy dat CD !! after the movie, wx *kap lieu* we were like doing the sound effects! *shhhh* he ran all the way to the toilet!!

did i mention about the cinema ticket?? no i guess!!

hy: jy u got 20 ringgit??
jy: no wo.. i onli got 11
hy: ch!! u got 20 ringgit?
ch: i got 23 la
hy: pay 1st i no money ady
jy: i pay also much 1ticket?
hy: 11 ringgit
hy: i pokkai ady la
jy: i also
ch: i also
jy: better call alex to bring more money later we no need to makan lo
hy: * called alex*
ch: no money at klcc is 1 of most miserable stuff
jy and hy: agree!!

thats how ot goes, wx bought money and belanja us! TQ wx!!! u da best M.A.N!!! u da man ya!! alex is gurl.!!

oh ya did i mention that da guys took 1 hour+ just to do their hair?? *stupid vain pots la!!* hahaha..

....::: i hate to be broke:::...


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