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the end is near

"Ding!", the sound when your Facebook Messenger notifies you that you received a message from someone. It's from you. The person that I partied last night with. The person that was all over me, dancing, touching, hugging.

"Eww!" It's this person! but the first message that I read was, 'Sorry! for my behaviour last night.'
Melted my heart.
On a second thought, I won't mind being friends with this person.

After several months of confrontation and momentarily flirt, I finally decided to go for dinner with this person.
True enough, it was a really enjoyable first date. It was obvious that we could see the spark between us. We switched from our dinner place, to the bar and the question that I predicted came.
'I think you should wait in my house before driving home, it is dangerous to drive under alcohol influence', he said.

I nodded. I told myself to control and do not make any rash decisions. In which I did and I am still proud of the decis…

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