Thursday, January 05, 2017


What do you do when you have doubts?

Is asking always the right thing to do?
Waiting for time to decide? 

Insecurities? Will I ever be secure? 
I have trust issues. Do you remember? What do you know about me?
Shall I ask for a cool off time? Am I over thinking?
I just needed to know if I'm the only one. or I'm one of the many.

Can you clear the clouds I have in my mind right now?
As I am writing now, it is kind of pointless for me to continue pursuing. I'm filled with insecurities that you're not providing to me.

As rational as I am, how come I cant shake it off.

What is happiness to you? What is dating to you? Do we not need to care about each other?

Can you tell me honestly if you have lost interest in me? Please do not keep me in the dark.

Monday, September 19, 2016

This is not just a post

Sometimes I don't really understand.
What am I to you?
In your list, where do i stand?

Hidden? do I really need to know?

Friday, August 05, 2016

Quarter life crisis

I've not posted anything for quite some time.
Didn't find the need to write anything special since with all the up & coming Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat convenience.

Life's been good.

Nothing much drastic happened other than me cutting my hair and all. (yeah, i chopped it)

Broke up, fallen to the 'it's complicated' relationship, got out and the cycle is continuing? 
(i'm not really sure myself)

I've known a few good friends, buddies and brothers!

Met some bastards along the way, and still am meeting some.

Should i still say that Life's still good? Yea, i shall. It's part of the learning process.
We gain experience by learning some good and bad.

Took the chance to draft this post because I need somewhere to vent my emotions.
So when i read back in the future, I can laugh at it myself.

In June, my favourite music was Kat Dahlia's I think I'm in Love,

This month's favourite music was Martin Garrix and Bebe Raxha's In the Name of Love.

I hate myself being played and chess-ed around. After countless times i tell myself NOT TO FALL.

Ask me if i still LOVE?
I do.

Sometimes I thought to myself, why did i make decisions like that, why i didn't try to give them the second chance to actually prove it to me.

Did i not be patient enough to wait? But again, what am I supposed to be patient about?
Am i too strong-headed? did i slowly forcing my expectations? 

Honestly, I cant remember.

Did i really move on? I'm not sure. All i know is I'm lost, VERY LOST when i lost him.
Did i regret letting him go?
No. I didn't. 

All i know, I didn't let him go cause I didn't love him, but I felt my love for him gradually changed which at the same time I don't see myself having a future with him.

I miss having him being there 24/7 whenever I'm unhappy.
I miss him putting me in his utmost priority
I miss him letting me vent all my emotions good nor bad at him, even if he didn't do anything wrong
I miss him trying to please me all the time.
I know he loves me dearly, treats me like a princess. 
I know i won't be able to get anyone that love me as much as he did.

That aside, its the past already. I can't change what is past.

Moving on. 
Suck it up Sslynn!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Childish enough to remain in primary school.

I feel like putting all my feelings and relate it with songs that i've heard recently.
It's been a while since I've experience this feeling.
The sudden outburst..

Something happened, I didn't know that it would happen in my world now.

I've started to understand how one person can change, due to environment and surrounding.

I feel like I've made the right choice to keep the distance.
Despite my straight forward characteristic, I feel good that I've been in the shadow and out from the circle.
Cheers to myself.

Anyway, to the person, I wish you all the luck in the world.
I wish you the best life ahead of you.
I wish you health
I wish u wealth.
Although we cant be 'true' friends..

I still wish u the best.
I will remain my distance with you.
I shall not step on any of your ways.
I shall keep smiling to you.
I believe I can keep talking to you.


Generation Y. i truly believe that 1 day we will be powerful enough to change the world and globally.

btw, I'm still healthy (probably getting more and more healthy) Increasing weight like mad.
see my round face... T__T

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

time flies

it's the month of March,13

honestly, because of the non-stop revolution,
trend tends to change,
people would rather post their status at fb or twitter or tumblr, even at instagram.
well, prolly because i have sentimental emotion towards blogging.
thus, here am i.

recently, I've been thinking much about most of the stuff that i've been doing.
Am i going to go back time? and make some changes?
'i know its impossible, but people can dream and imagine right?'

I took the time to look through facebook today differently.
Usually, my routine was refresh the home page and also click to the profile page, lastly, click on the notification and that's about it.

I took the time to browse through my friend's page and status today.
I realise that there are so much changes. This changes makes me feel like i should grow.

Prolly because i think i didn't grow as much as them?

I went to Genting last weekend for some weekend getaway,
since I'm above legal age, my friends and I decided to take a troll down to casino.
'to those that knows me, I think u guys would understand i want to write later'

YEAH! i got stopped by the security guard. FOR MANY TIMES.
there is even one, that didn't believe that my IC is genuine..
'do i really look that young?' is it really impossible to think that such a face is above legal age?

Sometimes, i really want people to treat me as an adult, but sometimes i prefer not to.

Well, its not that  i'm complaining how young i look like,
Its just, when u see so much changes and time do to a person, u tend to reflect it on yourself, right?

I don't know, but i certainly hope that someone would take the time to really understand and know you for who you are instead of just looking at what you can offer.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the year of 2013.. shall start with a good beginning

I suddenly have the urge to blog. its already 2013.. *probably due to something i heard during my lunch*

yeah, from my previous post, it can be seen clearly that I have lost interest in blogging..
cause i was simply... LAZY.

yeah, I admit to it.

Anyway, its already the 30th of January 2013, speaking of that, *tomorrow is Baskin Robbin's day!* **gonna head over an buy my favourite Mint Chocolate Chips** yummy =P

Without notice, have been working for about wat... *count my fingers*8 month...
So far so good.. still living and alive. (*though i would wish for the world to end during 21.12.2012.*)

Anyway, gained 2kg's.. *fml*

Owh well, I have nothing much to talk about my boring life as a young adult (yah I AM STILL in that category) **i hope...*

I miss my favourite people in the world, Ms Charmaine and Ms Mei Mei and also

our most reliable friend Mr TK.

CAN YOU GUYS STOP GOING ON TRIP and come TEMAN ME??!?!?!?!?! *i love u*

before i sign off..
(today's moon is extra HUGE O.o)

my nestle cute and pretty girls 
(should be pretty la, i think i'm the retard)

my battlebabes!
(pretty young and cheecky and funny)

my uni bunch!!!!~
*Miss u all like crazy*
cause i cant find all of u in 1 picture 

my BELOVED bunch
*and of course TK*

SUMS!!!~ I LOVE U ALL!!!~ <3 p="">

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's yes and what's no

I was bored waiting for people to skype me
Finished my anime already

Nothing much in my life.
Leading somewhat a busy, at the same time routine life.
As busy as i said i am, i think commitment plays an important role.

Gotten my official 1st month of pay.
Honestly, how should i feel? or I should say, what should I be feeling?
I don't know to be exact.

I still remember the times during high school and university,
we compare and wish each other the best in their future,
we critic like some experts on other's decision on whether in acceptance towards certain treatment during their working experience.
we promise to ourselves that we would not go "that" way as it is not fair in terms of 'qualification'

Now naive was that.

I would have to say that I wasn't satisfied at all with the amount paid to me.
But what can I do more?
Is this the correct method to go through with my life.
Will this decision really brings me to where I want to be in future.

People kept telling me that I'm putting too much expectation in myself
and that i should keep myself updated in the reality life.
what is reality?
am I not living in a reality life already.

Does this mean that I'm rushing over?
but I cant resist comparing myself with others peers of mine.

I would have to say, I do compare myself with others a lot and that pressured me.

Sometimes I even feel that I shouldn't be treated this way, in the end its the material that counts right?
Is that a thought of naive? I wouldn't know.
all i know now is that I really wish that 2013 would be far better than 2012.

As much as I feel really humiliated, I can't do anything rather than endure. Is this the correct way?
I wouldn't know, i guess the best thing that i can do is to put on the similar face that i put on everyday.

signing off.
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